Red Maple

Now that winter is upon us, I find myself reminiscing on the short autumn months and the longing of getting back to nature. ‪Hiking through the forests on the foothills of Mont Tremblant, Quebec this past October was a reminder of just how beautiful our earth truly is. Mont Tremblant is located in the striking…

Welcome to the Badlands

CALEDON, Ontario. I’ve just landed on Mars. Or so it seems. Just a short drive north of my suburban neighbourhood lays an usual geographical landscape hidden in the Caledon Hills. The Cheltenham Badlands. The area consists of naked windswept red hills and gullies. Iron oxide gives the land it’s reddish hue,  while the narrow greenish bands…

Super Moon

This year’s largest and closest super moon took place Sunday, July 23, 2013.  This was not only the largest and closest full moon of the year, but also the moon’s closest encounter with earth in a long time. Here is the image of our beautiful neighbor that I captured that night.

Summer at Blue Mountain

COLLINGWOOD, Ontario Snow less ski hills,  bare all, indicating that summer is here! Originally taken July 1, 2011

Flower Garden

-COLLINGWOOD, Ontario Vibrant pink flowers bloom, creating eye catching beauty here at Blue Mountain ski Resort. Originally taken July 1, 2011.