Muddy York Walking Tour

  The city of Toronto is home to hundreds of years of extravagant  human history. From the time of European exploration in the 1600s to the industrial revolution to present day. Walking the streets of Toronto, you’d be surprised at what history lays hidden behind closed doors. The Muddy York Walking Tour, offers a tour…

Ghosts of Ryerson Theatre

The Ryerson Theatre School, is one of Toronto’s reputable haunted hot spots. Below, is a video I put together through the story of a theatre school alumni:  

Haunted Buildings of Toronto

Toronto has many unforgettable attractions that draws both tourists and locals. Exploring the city can be an exciting adventure… especially because it’s haunted…. This video I shot takes a look at some of the cities most goulash buildings, from tales collected by the Toronto & Ontario Ghosts and Hauntings research society. 

News Cast

Originally Published April 3, 2012 As part of our final project for our third year television and broadcasting class, we got the opportunity to put together a newscast. It was the highlight of the semester as we got to get hands on experience in the broadcasting studio. This experience indroduced me to my new found love…

2011 MDL Playoffs

Originally Published February 27, 2012 Here is a video I shot, edited and reported, when I covered the start of the 2011 MDL playoffs