Muddy York Walking Tour



The city of Toronto is home to hundreds of years of extravagant  human history. From the time of European exploration in the 1600s to the industrial revolution to present day. Walking the streets of Toronto, you’d be surprised at what history lays hidden behind closed doors.

The Muddy York Walking Tour, offers a tour through the streets of downtown Toronto, exploring the cities most haunted places through a tapestry of mysteries, urban legends and ghost stories.

This two-hour tour starts at the front steps outside the Royal Ontario Museum. It travels south to Queen Street and then east, just past Yonge Street.

Throughout the tour, you will be educated on paranormal legends behind a lot of Toronto’s famous sites, like Queen’s Park, Old City Hall, and Osgoode Hall. The final stop is one of Toronto’s most notorious haunted buildings… the Mackenzie house.  Several people have claimed to experience the unusual here.

This video I put together is a sample of what the tour has to offer.

For more information about the tours click here

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