New Leaders Take Up The Torch May 1st.

TORONTO, Ontario

Originally posted April, 2012, for the University of Guelph Humber’s paper “Radix”

“Feeling blessed and humbled by HSF win”, says Bedi.

2012 HSF leaders
New HSF cabinet: Teresa Silva, Ashley Martin, Bhalinder Bedi, Colin Edwards-Crewe, Emily Genitti. (C) Krystal Seecharan

More than 5,000 students came out to vote at this year’s Humber Student Federation election (HSF), naming Bhalinder Bedi as the new HSF president, Emily Genitti as Vice President of campus life, and Teresa Silva as Vice president of administration.

All of the candidates worked hard over the months campaigning hard to ensure students made an educated vote.

“I feel blessed and humbled,” says Bedi. “I had a strong support team around me; there were six very viable candidates. They did a wonderful job, and they allowed me to step my game up. I’m relieved with the results. I put my faith in the students and the students put their faith in me, and we move forward from here”.

Bedi’s first duties as HSF president start May 1st, is to ensure everyone has his contact information.

“They have my e-mail address, my phone number, my linked in, my Twitter my Facebook, my Skype, they can contact me 24/7″, Bedi promises.

Bedi says that he is humbled about his new position.

“At the end of the day, I don’t believe numbers matter,” says Bedi. “I might have won by one vote, it might have been 200 votes, it was a fair race, and everyone did a great job”.

Meanwhile, VP of Campus life winner Emily Genitti, had this to say, “I’m so happy and so appreciative to everyone who voted and who stuck with me. I’m so excited about everything, meeting a bunch of people and getting the experience.”

Her votes were 984 out of slightly more than 5000

Working close with Genitti is Colin Edwards-Crewe VP Campus Life Lakeshore winner.

“I’m really excited that Emily got the position for North campus,” says Crewe. “I got to know her for a bit prior to her win and I’m really happy that we can continue that relationship on a professional level”.

Crewe is excited about his own win as well, promising to connect the Lakeshore and North Campus, bringing students together. Crewe says that his win has not been a month in the making, but rather the past four years.

“I can’t even say that it’s just what I put in in the past month. It’s everything since the moment I’ve arrived here”, says Crewe. “I just want to thank everyone who has been there for me and sees me as a leader, and sees me as a person who can bring people together.

Teresa Silva, VP of administration winner said that the weeks before the vote were “emotionally draining”.  ”At this point there is a relief over me. I’m still in shock but I’ll be moving forward.” Says Silva.

Her first duties will be evaluating where HSF stands and start to implement what she vowed to do for the federation.

In all, 21.63 per cent of students came out to vote.

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