Humber’s Got Talent Electrifies The Cafeteria

TORONTO, Ontario

Originally published February 6, 2012 in The University of Guelph-Humber’s paper, ‘Radix’

Audience crown Adrian Smith and the Drummers as Humber’s most talented students. 

The Humber student body stood transfixed in the cafeteria as fellow students took the stage to show off their talent.

The audience was on its feet, cheering for an electrifying show. Screams from audience members could be heard from outside the cafeteria.

“I’m glad I stayed for this”, says said audience member Sabrina Silveira. “Each performance is just better than the next. I can’t even choose a favourite because they are all really good”.

Contestants perform in front of judges
Contestant performing in front of the judges. (C) Krystal Seecharan

The event was put together by the Humber Student Federation. HSF president Melissa Mendes said that its goals were accomplished by hosting the event.

“The objective of this event was to showcase student talent here at Humber. We want students to see their peers in a different way and give students a chance to show others what they have to offer.”

Students performed various acts ranging from singing, playing instruments, dancing, beat boxing, and countless other original performances. One particular performance that audiences seemed to love was the bangra dancers that had many students cheering for its duration.

The performance that stole the show, however, was Adrian Smith and the Drummers. The group had the audience dancing to their rhythmic beats.

This wasn’t the first big performance for the band. They have performed for the prime minister of Canada, the Governor General and at many award ceremonies.

The competition started off with 60 contestants who were all placed into groups of four. The judges then chose one finalist from each group.

Mendes said that the judges were looking for originality, creativity, how each performer  stood out, and audience reaction.

Of the groups chosen, it all came down to two contestants: Adrian Smith and the Drummers and Savreet & Karandeep Singh, who performed an outstanding beat boxing routine.

In the end, the audience screamed out a winner, giving the grand prize trip for four to Panama City Beach, Florida for spring break to Adrian Smith and the drummers.

“Thanks to HSF for giving everyone an opportunity to have fun and to win cool prizes.” said, Smith on behalf of the band.

Savreet & Karandeep won $500 for placing second.

As for the winners, Smith says that they are just going to take things easy for now.

“We are all students with part-time jobs so taking our act to the next level isn’t so easy.”

The full list of finalists can be found at:



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