A week in Dominican

Sitting on a sand covered towel with the ocean washing over my feet, I watch a lone kite surfer glide through the ripples of the beach, disappearing off into the orange glow of the sun set. That was the summer I embarked on an unforgettable  adventure with a group of friends to the beautiful Dominican Republic. Checking in at Viva Wyndham…

VELD Music Festival Review

TORONTO, Ontario Originally published Aug 12, 2012  It’s been exactly one week after VELD Music Festival and I can’t get the feeling of those two glorious days out of my mind. Nor can’t I stop talking about it with friends, or looking back at pictures, searching hash tags about it on Twitter, or listening to…

EDM Summer Festivals In Toronto

TORONTO, Ontario Originally published September 3rd, 2012  The beats drum slow and steady. Soft at first then gradually it gets louder. The buildup begins as you wait in anticipation, feeling the vibrations make its way through your body. It gets faster and faster. And then there is the top of the roller coaster feeling, right…

Shady Afternoon

TORONTO, Ontario Originally Posted July, 2012 Immense, luscious trees loom over citizens, providing shade on this hot summer afternoon.

Summer at Blue Mountain

COLLINGWOOD, Ontario Snow less ski hills,  bare all, indicating that summer is here! Originally taken July 1, 2011