Weekend at Mont Tremblant


Originally Published, May 2012 

On the weekend of May 26th and 27th 2012, I drove eight hours north of Toronto to the city of Mont-Tremblant Quebec. Noted for being a popular ski resort in the winter, many don’t know of the beauty it conceals under the snow.

Here lies 43 photo’s of my journey to the top of  Tremblant. Standing about 800 meters above the world is an uplifting experience, that truly allows one to appreciate nature and the magnificence it has to offer.

Growing up in the suburbs surrounded by grey buildings and shopping malls, views like this are hard to come by, so I take it in as much as possible and never take nature for granted.

If anyone wants more information on Mont Tremblant’s resort, skiing and hiking trails visit their website. I encourage everyone to experience the beauty of nature.


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