Caribbean Heat


Originally published, July 2012 

The country of  Trinidad and Tobago.  Most noted for Carnival, steel pan, soca and calypso. The island offers visitors a unique experience like no other.

Soca music blasts from near by cars making it difficult for pedestrians to pass by with out dancing. The doubles stand on the street corner is busy as customers shout their orders. The fishermen have returned from their morning catch to the village as people swarm to by bidding for fresh fish.

In the capitol city, Port of Spain, rush hour traffic has eased as men and women in business suits grab their coffee and make their way inside the grand air conditioned skyscrapers. This diversity is what makes up the culture of Trinidad and Tobago.

Before my parents moved to Canada in the late 80’s, they too were apart of this exotic culture, and was apart of the island;  but now the island is a part of them. A place that will forever stay in their hearts

The country being a part of my heritage, I decided to explore it first hand, while paying a visit to my loving family who still inhabit the island along the way.

The beaches were truly a site of awe; one can even dive   through coral wonderlands. Stunning  rain-forests that holds a rich diverse ecosystem of various species of plants and animals make it prime for hiking, and cycling.

The best part about the island is that you are free to explore it on your own.  Unlike most islands, you are not restricted to any resorts and share the beaches and attractions with locals alike. The oil and gas industry leaves tourism low down on the priority list of Trinidad. Upscale resorts and hotels are available, but more so on Tobago. But where is the adventure of just staying in a hotel? From my various travels to the island, the locals were extremely friendly and eager to boast about the island’s beauty and wonders to tourists, enthusiastic to show them the marvels that awaits them.

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