Streets of Montreal


This past spring I roadied it down to Montreal for some site seeing, fun, and networking.  The city, in comparison to Toronto, is very down to earth. Although not as diverse in culture and language,  Montreal still has lots to offer.

One unique component is that the streets intertwine old, classic, antique elements  with new, modern, sleek, designs.

Old Montreal was a beautiful, historic site, providing great insight on the country’s French heritage.  Dating back to New France in the 1600’s’, one can visualize themselves in the time period because very little has changed. The same old cobble stones make up the roads and pathways;  the same old, majestic churches, cathedrals and basilica’s make up the landscape, and the same horse and carriage mode of transportation is used today.

In contrast New Montreal is very different. With modern, structured architecture, tall, immense skyscrapers, and upscale restaurants and bars, one can easily absorb themselves in the contemporary vibe in this part of town.

For any young party goer, Montreal is the place to be. With the legal drinking age being only 18, many young adults flood the bars, clubs and lounges as soon as sun set. The streets are also very much alive with festivals and all night entertainment through out the year.

Check out my journey through the streets of Montreal in the gallery below, and be sure to make a visit on your own one day!



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